Sparkling Fruit – Novomatic

Novomatic’s latest slot Sparkling Fruit is all about swiping instead of spinning! Create combinations of symbols and unlock amazing winnings!

Main Game

Swipe the symbols and switch their places to create combinations. Create a match of 3 or more symbols by switching the position of 2 non-diagonal neighboring symbols. When a match is made, the matching symbols will explode, and new symbols will fall from the top of the board!

Win Symbols

A Win symbol might fall on the board after every match made. To win the value of the symbol, you must match them with two or more other symbols of the same color. You can also unlock them by hitting them with the explosion of a special symbol! Swipe the right way and gather the Win symbols!

Matching Symbols

Symbols fall onto the board from above and matches could be created when new symbols fall. If 3 or more identical symbols form a vertical or horizontal match, they will automatically be cleared from the board! If 4 or 5 symbols are matched, Special symbols will be formed!

Special Symbols

  • Cross Special Symbols

A Cross symbol is created when 4 identical symbols are matched. The cross symbol resembles the original symbol but has a cubic shape. When a match is made including a Cross symbol, it will cause an explosion across the entire vertical column and horizontal line!

  • Bomb Special Symbols

When 5 symbols are matched in an L- or T-shape, a Bomb symbol is formed. The Bomb symbol can be moved by 1 position horizontally or vertically and clears up to 12 surrounding symbols!

  • Bell Special Symbols

Match 5 symbols in a horizontal or vertical line to create a Bell symbol. Swap the Bell symbol with an adjacent symbol and transform every identical symbol into a Bell! All these Bell symbols will then explode, making place for new symbols!

Combine Special Symbols by switching them with one another to create additional effects!

Sparkling Fruit is available on desktop and mobile. Try it out now at!

RTP: 95%
Volatility: medium

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